A 1920s farmhouse kitchen

Found this video on YouTube about what a kitchen for rural, agrarian folks would have been in the 1920s. Some things might surprise you.

We typically think of people having electricity in their homes by the 1920s, but the reality was that most Americans in rural areas throughout the decade did not have it. In 1920, the number of American homes that were electrified was 35%, and by 1930 was 70%. The vast majority of homes that had electricity in the U.S. were in urban areas, so even at the end of the 20s, most farms were still using kerosene lamps and outhouses, living not very differently from how people had lived 40 years earlier.

My mother, born in 1937 and raised in rural southern New Hampshire, took baths in a tin tub by the range as a child on Saturdays.

What surprised you most about this kitchen?

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